The Philosophy

The secrets, or mystical truths, that both tarot and Sufism set out to uncover have to do with self knowledge – not about predicting or foretelling the future.
They help us answer questions such as, where have we come from? Why do we feel the way we feel? Why do we act the way we act? What is our purpose in this life? It is when we learn to see the pictured characters less as what they appear in their physical form and more as underlying lessons or qualities that are calling to be born or paid attention to, the underlying mystery in these cards begins to reveal itself.
“These beautiful tarot cards bring together wisdom and insight inherent in the classical tradition of Sufism. The depictions provide deep and resounding resonance with the sacred traditions, a way to engage while still adhering to the fundamentals of both tarot reading and Tasawwuf (Sufism). If you already know about these two traditions, these cards will delight. If you are just learning about these traditions, these cards will help you on your journey. They are colorful, vibrant and beautiful.”
– Dr Amina Wadud, Lady Imam, Professor Emeritus of Islamic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University
The first book and deck of its kind

The comprehensive guidebook explores each tarot card in a mystical, Sufi context and the artwork inspires us to delve deeper and connect with dormant, unmanifest qualities within ourselves.

The first book and deck of its kind, The Sufi Tarot offers an authentic, in-depth explanation for each card with Ayeda’s knowledge stemming from 34 years of immersion in the Sufi tradition – both academic and experiential. With each card as a unique piece of re-envisioned art, this project is a harmonious merging of two traditions – traditional tarot and classic Sufism.

“The mystery is not about uncovering, predicting, or foretelling the future; it is about finding answers to meaningful questions: Where have we come from? Why are we here? Why do we feel the way we feel? Why do we act the way we act? Why do we attract certain repetitive patterns in our lives?
– The Sufi Tarot –