Heal Your Life
with Ancient
Sufi Wisdom

Allow the ancient symbology and secret messages embedded in this unique tarot deck to transform you.
Inspired by traditional tarot and reconceptualized in the context of Sufi philosophy, art and culture, The Sufi Tarot is a unique healing tool based on Sufi techniques for self-reflection and transformation that are being shared for the first time in a modern context, both visually and textually.
The Sufi Tarot
The first deck ever to present the Major and Minor Arcana in the context of lived Sufism as opposed to archaic, unrelatable images, The Sufi Tarot features unique artwork reflecting equal gender, age and race representation. It offers the power of art therapy through carefully designed images which inspire people to explore their emotions, develop self awareness and recognize dormant qualities in themselves.

Your reading

What message do the cards have for you?

“In the hands of a masterful teacher like Ayeda Husain, tarot cards are no mere ‘divination.’

She takes us on a journey through the authentic teachings of Sufi masters until The Sufi Tarot cards become a mirror for reflecting on our own tendencies, qualities, and inclinations—both where our soul already shines and where we stand to gain balance and lean into complementary qualities.

If you love tarot cards, you owe it to yourself to drink The Sufi Tarot with heart and soul. If you love Sufi wisdom, explore the wisdom of our tradition through the aesthetically sublime wisdom of The Sufi Tarot.”

Omid Safi, Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Duke University, author of Radical Love: Teachings from the Islamic Mystical Tradition, and Director, Illuminated Courses and Tours

The Sufi

Author and creator of the deck.

“When we learn to see the pictured characters as underlying lessons and qualities—as opposed to how they appear physically—the mystery contained within the cards begins to reveal itself”

– The Sufi Tarot –
The Philosophy
What makes The Sufi Tarot different from any other tarot deck ever created?
It is the only deck that brings together the East and the West through a shared history of tarot – ancient Egyptian origins in the Mamluk Sultanate (1300’s) and the creative adaptations by the Italians (1400’s) including the imagery that developed in the Renaissance.